We offer sourcing process consisting of five elements:

The first phase is  preparing base materials of product or service for sourcing. Mostly it is technical work and include preparation as tender materials, List of Producers, bench marking. We can case we also create product specifications and drawings.

The active phase is contracting with Producers/companies, preparing contracts and documentations, securing compliance, arranging inspections (factory/PSI) and controlling Producer. Private Label is supported with preparing of material and implementation by Producers.

With supplier we discuss, solve local problems  and claims, take follow up meetings and handle contact with Producer.

Aiming to expand the customers range means possible increased assortment, developing products or services and better commercial conditions securing growth and profit.

Extra activities for our customers are the check of products and Producers compliance and product integrity and examine possibilities in the market.

We take care of all points
from production to distribution
and from supplier to purchase.